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  • Tomteland

    The World of Santa is really amazing. It is placed among thick forests near Gesundaberget, at Mora. The small village of Santa Claus is surrounded with frozen lakes and shining waterfalls.

    Be sure to visit the Kingdom of Trolls, the wonderful land of Princess of the Woods, gardens of beautiful fairy , a village of elves and many more magical places which you have learned only from fairy tales.

    In Santa’s World everything is for real! Be ready to face the most unexpected things! Trolls are hiding in the trees, elves look out from behind the branches that are covered with beautiful frozen berries, and every evening the King and Queen of Winter attend the procession, with lighted torches and sparkling fireworks. And the Witch and the Godmother is most fond of playing with children.

    There is always something unpredictable and exciting in the wonderful world of Santa Claus(TOMTEN in Swedish)! Do not miss to visit the house of funny trolls, go sleighing or  horseriding, meet reindeer or bake Christmas cookies …

    And, of course, do not forget to take sheet with wishes for Santa as you surely meet with him! And if you arrive first, you can even wake him up!

    So, take someone’s hand and plunge into the world of miracles, magic and fantasy!